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Westland, Michigan Medical Waste Disposal

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Westland, MI Medical Waste Disposal

Westland, Michigan Medical Waste Disposal. Westland and the surrounding communities turn to Michigan Medical Waste Disposal for all of their medical waste disposal needs. Our professional team is knowledgeable on all state and federal laws so that we can council on the best methods of handling and storage. We work with our customers in the medical community and any organization that deals in medical waste to ensure their safety and that of their customers and the environment. Call one of our representatives for a fast and easy quote.

Westland, Michigan Biohazard Waste Disposal

Westland, Michigan Biohazard Waste Disposal. Biohazard waste is any biological waste that contains or may contain a transmittable infectious disease. The dangers of biohazard waste are such that there are strict state and federal guidelines regarding the safe handling, storage and disposal of this waste type. Michigan Medical Waste ensures that our customers and their environments are safe and compliant while offering convenient pickup and transport to our disposal facilities.

Reliable, & Compliant, Cost-Effective Medical Waste Disposal

Westland, Michigan Sharps Disposal

Westland, Michigan Sharps Disposal. Sharps are any item that could contain a transmittable disease that can cut the skin. Accidents from sharps are some of the deadliest and there are state and federal guidelines regarding safe handling, storage, and proper disposal of sharps. Michigan Medical Waste offers FDA-cleared sharps containers to assist in maintaining customer safety and arranges convenient pickup of the containers. We transport them to our facilities where they are destroyed according to compliance requirements.

Westland, Michigan Document Destruction

Westland, Michigan Document Destruction. Maintaining the security of personal, private and proprietary information on documents is required by a variety of laws. The guidelines are established to ensure that the date does not fall into the hands of criminals. Michigan Medical Waste are specialists in document destruction, supplying our clients with lockable cabinets to hold the documents and then picking them up to transport for complete destruction. We take full responsibility of the containers at the time of pickup and give our customers proof of destruction for their records.

Westland About

Westland, Michigan has a total area of 20.45 square miles, of which 20.43 square miles is land and 0.02 square miles is water.



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Westland, Michigan Information

Before becoming Westland, the area had several other names. In 1827, the area became known as Bucklin Township, which included what is now the cities of Westland, Livonia, Garden City, Inkster, Wayne, Dearborn, Dearborn Heights, and Redford Township. In 1829, it was proposed that Bucklin Township be divided into Lima and Richland; the former is what eventually became Westland. Due to name conflicts under territorial law prohibiting duplication of post office names, Lima was renamed Nankin Township, after the Chinese city of Nanking.