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Vandercook Lake, Michigan Medical Waste Disposal

Vandercook Lake, Michigan Medical Waste Disposal. Medical waste can be a dangerous thing, if your Vandercook Lake, Michigan business generates medical waste it’s important to make sure it’s disposed of properly. For the environment, for the people who work with it, and for you. Improper handling or storage of medical waste can result in injury, illness, and even death. It is important to have proper training of what medical waste is and how it should be handled.

What is Vandercook Lake, Michigan Medical Waste?

Medical waste is waste that contains infectious or potentially infectious items. It can come from hospitals, medical clinics, veterinary offices, dental clinics, research facilities, or medical laboratories. It can contain blood or other bodily fluids, or it can appear benign, like gloves or gowns.

According to the Medical Waste Tracking Act of 1988, it’s defined as any waste created during treatment, testing, immunization, research, or diagnosis of human beings and animals. Examples include sharps like scalpels or needles, tissue, fluids, glassware, swabs, culture dishes, or bandages.

Who generates Vandercook Lake, Michigan medical waste?

You know hospitals and doctor’s offices create medical waste. But blood banks, dental clinics, and urgent care clinics create it too. Pharmacies, veterinary clinics, medical testing labs, research labs, nursing homes, hotels where patients stay, med spas, tattoo shops, body piercing shops, and funeral homes also create regulated waste.

Even an office building can generate biohazardous waste. Why? Because if someone gets a nosebleed at work and uses a tissue to stop it, they’ve created regulated waste. The Wyndham hotel in Boston, next door to Mass General Hospital, was fined twice for medical waste violations from hotel guests.

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Types of Vandercook Lake, Michigan Medical Waste

The WHO identifies the 8 categories of medical waste as infectious waste, sharps waste, pathological waste, chemical waste, pharmaceutical waste, cytotoxic waste, radioactive waste, and nonhazardous general waste. Those types cover all the potential varieties and sources of regulated and non-regulated healthcare waste.

Vandercook Lake, Michigan Medical Waste Disposal Services

If your business needs a medical waste disposal company, contact Michigan Medical Waste for a fast and easy quote. We think you will be glad you did! You can reach us at 888-427-5797.

Vandercook Lake About

Vandercook Lake is an unincorporated community and census-designated place (CDP) in Jackson County in the state of Michigan. The population of the CDP is 4,721. It is located within Summit Township.



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Vandercook Lake, Michigan Information

The community is in central Jackson County, in the eastern part of Summit Township. It sits on the eastern side of Vandercook Lake, a water body on the Grand River. Part of the community is bordered to the north by the city of Jackson, the county seat. U.S. Route 127 forms the eastern edge of the CDP; the highway leads north 6 miles to Interstate 94 northeast of Jackson and south 24 miles to Hudson.