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Southfield, Michigan Medical Waste Disposal

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Southfield, Michigan Medical Waste Disposal

Southfield, Michigan Medical Waste Disposal. Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) was developed in 1970 to help employers in the decrease of injuries, illnesses, and deaths in the workplace. OSHA has developed standards for the handling and disposal of medical wastes for worker protection.

Biohazardous waste is widely known as medical waste. Medical waste is any item which has the danger of spreading infectious diseases. This waste can transmit dangerous pathogens to humans, the community, and the environment when not properly handled with in facilities and for disposal. Many states have established additional guidelines through their state health departments regarding the regulations for handling and disposal of medical waste.

Reliable, & Compliant, Cost-Effective Medical Waste Disposal

Disposal and management of Sharps Medical Waste

Containers which are for holding sharps must be either red color coded or perhaps have an outside label with the general biohazard symbol. The containers for sharps must remain upright throughout use, be routinely replaced, and never be permitted to be overfilled.

Sharps must be placed in another container if leakage is achievable with the secondary container requirement that it’s closable, made from materials that are puncture resistant and prevents leakage during handling, storage, shipping and transport, color coded or perhaps labeled according to standards and also sealed the top when full. Any reusable containers mustn’t be opened, cleaned manually or perhaps emptied in any method that might expose anyone to injury risk. When containers are closed, they should be duct taped to make certain the sharps container lid is secure.

Primary sharps containers are constructed of a variety of materials from plastic to steel, nonetheless, they need to comply with the sharps container requirements of being puncture resistant, leak proof on the bottom and sides, must be closeable, must be color coded or perhaps labeled.

While containers for sharps should easily be available to employees, they need to be also placed as near as you can to the area in which they’ll be used. In several cases a common area might not be feasible and the utilization of mobile carts with lockable sharps containers is the alternative.

Medical Waste Labeling

The universal biohazard symbol along with the word “biohazard” must be provided on all bags and containers which contain medical waste, contaminated laundry, freezers or perhaps refrigerators that store OPIM or blood, and on containers/bags that store, ship, dispose of, or perhaps transport blood or perhaps OPIM. Any items that store medical waste must have the easily identifiable universal biohazard label and the word “biohazard” affixed to it.

Southfield About

Southfield is a city in Oakland County in the state of Michigan. The city has a population of 71,739. Southfield, Michigan has an area of 26.28 square miles, of which 26.27 square miles is land and 0.01 square miles is water.



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Southfield, Michigan Information

The main branch of the River Rouge runs through Southfield. The city is bounded to the south by Eight Mile Road, its western border is Inkster Road, and to the east it is bounded by Greenfield Road. Southfield’s northern border does not follow a single road but lies approximately along Thirteen Mile Road. The city is bordered by Detroit and Redford Township to the south, Farmington Hills to the west, Franklin, Bingham Farms, and Beverly Hills to the north and Royal Oak, Berkley, and Oak Park to the east. The separate city of Lathrup Village sits as an enclave in the eastern part of the city, surrounded by Southfield.