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Owosso, Michigan Medical Waste Disposal

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Owosso, Michigan Medical Waste Disposal

Owosso, Michigan Medical Waste Disposal. Medical Waste in Owosso, Michigan is generally defined as Cultures and stocks of infectious agents., Human and animal blood and body fluids., Sharps., Pathological waste (organs, tissues, etc.)., Contaminated animal waste infectious to humans.

Owosso, Michigan Medical Waste Management Plan

A Medical Waste Management Plan is required of all Owosso, Michigan medical waste producing facilities. Here are the highlights of a MWMP. It must list and describe the type(s) of medical waste produced, and the method(s) of packaging, storage, treatment, and the disposal process used for each medical waste type. The facility must have on file on the premises and make available to the DEQ during inspections. A sample plan is on the MW Web site.

Reliable, & Compliant, Cost-Effective Medical Waste Disposal

Employee Safety and Record of Training

Proper personal protective equipment and universal precautions should always be practiced preventing risk of infection and exposure to employees. A record of training for all employees handling medical waste at the Owosso, Michigan facility must be documented in accordance with the facility Medical Waste Management Plan and made available upon inspection for a minimum of 3 years.

Owosso, Michigan Medical Waste Packaging and Storage

Appropriate bags, containers, and packaging should always be in use for proper Owosso, Michigan medical waste segregation and safety. Medical waste may be stored at a Owosso, Michigan producing facility for a limited time. The storage period begins the moment the container is put in use.

Shipment Records

Documentation that verifies regulated medical waste is removed from the facility and properly treated and disposed every 90 days is required to be made available upon inspection for a minimum of 3 years.

The above are just the highlights of the Owosso, Michigan medical waste procedures required by the state of Michigan. Michigan Medical Waste services Owosso, Michigan and all of Michigan. If your facility needs medical waste disposal services, contact us today.

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Owosso, Michigan Sharps Waste

Michigan Medical Waste is the perfect partner to help with your sharp’s disposal needs. No customer is too big or small for us to help with your safe disposal of needles and sharps. We specialize in the removal of sharps waste from your Owosso, Michigan hospital, medical office, or private business. Our services help you reduce the waste, risk, and cost by working with your facility from day one to ensure appropriate containers, proper disposal, and employee training.

Owosso About

Owosso has a total area of 5.39 square miles, of which 5.25 square miles is land and 0.14 square miles is water.



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Owosso, Michigan Information

Owosso is the largest city in Shiawassee County in the state of Michigan. The population is 15,194. The city is mostly surrounded by Owosso Township on its west, but the two are administered autonomously.