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Novi, Michigan Medical Waste Disposal

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Novi, Michigan Medical Waste Disposal

Novi, Michigan Medical Waste Disposal. Medical waste disposal is governed by strict local, state, and federal guidelines as methods to protect humans, animals, the communities, as well as the planet. Laws dictate that those generating the medical waste are responsible in a “cradle-to-grave” concept. What this means is that generators mustn’t only make sure that disposal complies with the rules, but that they must have proof that the medical waste was rendered harmless.

We’re an experienced business which employs our own licensed, certified, and trained drivers and staff. We take responsibility by ownership of all the trucks of ours and the facilities which the waste will be sent to. Our employees ensure that our healthcare clients have complete documentation confirming that their medical waste has been destroyed. We take pride in maintaining info that is up to date on all of changes within the industry.

The commitment of ours as a full-service medical waste disposal company includes researching the most recent technologies. We make use of state-of-the-art reusable medical waste and sharps containers as part of the green efforts of ours. Our fuel-efficient trucks put together with a focus on intelligent routing helps to bring down the carbon footprint of ours and that of the clients of ours.

Reliable, & Compliant, Cost-Effective Medical Waste Disposal

Sharps Disposal

Of medical waste, sharps are among several of most dangerous. Sharps are some products that contains or perhaps could likely contain a transmittable disease and can pierce the skin. Sharps cover an array including but not limited to plastic, broken glass, blades, scalpels, or hypodermic needles, syringes, and lancets. The CDC estimates that there are around 385,000 injuries each year involving sharps just within the hospital-based industry.

The significance of proper staff training, labeling, storage, and disposal of sharps can’t be emphasized enough. We work with our clients to provide instruction and guidance info regarding all facets of dealing with sharps. We supply the recyclable containers in addition to labeling, after which carry them in our company owned vehicles to the plants that we have where we use a list of approved methods of rendering these materials harmless, including autoclaving.

Pharmaceutical Disposal

In the final number of years, the large volume of medications which have been created weren’t provided during the RCRA (Resource Conservation and Recovery Act) that was created to safeguard the environment with regulations for hazardous waste. The drugs which are of special concern to the CDC (Center for Disease Control and The EPA and prevention) (Environmental Protection Agency) include antibiotics, anti-hypertensives, hormones, other drugs, and antidepressants with high potency. Past dangers occurred when folks dumped old or perhaps expires pharmaceuticals down the drains. Waste management filtration systems around the nation haven’t been made to filter for medications and these medications entered the water systems for customers. We are hands-on in dealing with clients to educate them on the dangers of these pharmaceuticals while offering a selection of choices for proper disposal including pickup and mail in programs.

Document Destruction

Documents within the healthcare industry can have several individual patient info and organizational proprietary data. Securing patient info from being shared is governed by HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), with strict required compliance. Healthcare organizations are usually severely fined whether any documents containing patient info is accessible by unauthorized individuals. Proprietary organizational info that’s shared in documents can wreak havoc on a healthcare company that may have overreaching costs and consequences. It is therefore a top priority that all documents be protected and safely transported to locations just where they can be destroyed so that no unauthorized individuals can have access. We ensure complete security in all facets of transportation and collection and confirms complete document destruction with a certificate of destruction that puts our client’s minds at ease.

Novi About

Novi is located within the boundaries of the survey township of Novi Township, which now also includes portions of the cities of Northville and Walled Lake. The remaining unincorporated township is only a tiny fraction of 0.11 square miles surrounded by the city.



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Novi, Michigan Information

The city is located on Walled Lake which lies mainly within Novi and is the largest lake in the city. It also serves as the headwaters of the Middle Branch of the Rouge River. Shawood Lake is southwest of Walled Lake. Several smaller lakes within the city were created by gravel pit mining or as stormwater retention areas. Most of the city lies within the Rouge River watershed. Some areas on the north and west side of the city are part of the Huron River watershed.