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Goodrich, Michigan Medical Waste Disposal

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Goodrich, Michigan Medical Waste Disposal

Goodrich, Michigan Medical Waste Disposal. If you are looking for medical waste disposal services in Goodrich, Michigan, contact us today for a quote in minutes. We service all of Michigan for medical waste, sharps disposal, compliance training and document shredding services.

Goodrich, Michigan Medical Waste. Most states have strict guidelines when it comes to producing, storing, transporting, and decontaminating medical waste. Goodrich, Michigan is no different, we all want to protect public health and the environment.

We have listed some general information identifying the types of producers and the departments in Michigan who regulate medical waste. Medical waste is a subset of waste generated in a healthcare setting; however, healthcare locations are not the only place you will find medical waste. Medical waste can be found in Med Spas, Veterinary offices, Tattoo Parlors, etc.

There are many types of medical waste producers in Michigan. The EGLE (Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy) has identified them as.

Goodrich, Michigan Agencies Regulating Medical Waste

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Goodrich, Michigan Medical Waste Definition

Goodrich, Michigan Medical Waste Storage

Sharps shall be contained for disposal in individual leakproof, rigid, puncture-resistant containers that are secured to preclude loss of the contents. In addition, a container used to store or transport a number of individual sharps containers shall be leakproof. These containers shall be conspicuously labeled with the word “sharps”.

Medical waste other than sharps shall be contained in bags other than body pouches or other containers that are impervious to moisture and have a strength sufficient to resist ripping, tearing, breaking, or bursting under normal conditions of usage or handling. The bags or containers shall be secured to prevent leakage during storage, handling, or transport.

Store medical waste in such a manner that prevents putrefaction and prevents infectious agents from coming in contact with the air or with individuals.

If medical waste is stored outside of the producing facility, store the medical waste in a secured area or locked in a container that weighs more than 500 pounds and prevent access to the area of container by vermin or unauthorized individuals.

A producing facility may not store medical waste for more than 90 days.


Should you have any questions about Goodrich, Michigan medical waste disposal or any of the services we offer, contact us today. We are always happy to help!

Goodrich About

Goodrich is a village in Genesee County in the state of Michigan. The population is 1,860. The village is a suburb of Flint located within Atlas Township.



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Goodrich, Michigan Information

Mr. and Mrs. Levi H. Goodrich traveled via steam ship from Buffalo to Detroit to settle after they had sold their home in the summer of 1835. They journeyed from Detroit towards modern-day Pontiac, where they met land explorers who told them of the land’s beauty. When they reached the vicinity of Davison’s Mill (now Atlas), they found rich, fertile soil, an excess of timber, and readily available water. They returned to Detroit and purchased one thousand acres at $1.25 per acre. They returned to their old home in Clarence, New York and prepared to return to their purchased property. It was decided that Moses and Levi, the eldest and third of the six brothers, would travel back via Canada. They completed their journey in 16 days and built a cabin before the family arrived on May 20, 1836. The first wood-frame house was built for Enos Goodrich in 1838.