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Fenton, Michigan Medical Waste Disposal

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Fenton, Michigan Medical Waste Disposal

Fenton, Michigan Medical Waste Disposal. The U.S. EPA started the Medical Waste Tracking Act under authority of congress in 1988. This was to promulgate regulations on the management of infections waste. Today, each state defines the specific categories of medical waste that should be rendered harmless before disposal. In Fenton, Michigan, this means that these wastes should be treated to eliminate the risk of disease transmission and other hazards before disposal.

To comply with the state’s regulations for disposal, facilities must follow Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy regulations which falls under, The Medical Waste Regulatory Program (MWRP) who administers and enforces Michigan’s Medical Waste Regulatory Act (MWRA), 

Some of the highlights are below, please note this is not an all-inclusive list.

Fenton, Michigan Biohazard Waste Disposal

Fenton, Michigan Biohazard Waste Disposal. Biohazardous waste is any type of hazardous or infectious material that has been infected with bacteria, viruses, fungi, or other pathogens. This is an example of medical waste that can cause health risks if not disposed of correctly. There are many agencies involved at the local, state, and federal levels when it comes to Fenton, Michigan biohazardous waste. According to the EPA, all healthcare facilities and laboratories should have a management plan in place to properly dispose of their hazardous and infectious biohazardous wastes. This should consist of a process that includes different types of containers for storage, transportation, and disposal.

Reliable, & Compliant, Cost-Effective Medical Waste Disposal

Fenton, Michigan Sharps Waste Disposal

Fenton, Michigan Sharps Waste Disposal. Medical waste poses a serious threat to the environment. The most common medical wastes are needles and other sharp objects that have been used in patient care, hospital use, laboratories, and even home use. These sharps pose a risk of injury to those who come into contact with them. In the U.S. we use just over 2 million needles a day, that’s around 730,000,000 needles used per year. Proper sharps handling and disposal is paramount to any successful Medical Waste Management Plan.

Fenton, Michigan Commercial Document Destruction

Fenton, Michigan Commercial Document Destruction. When it comes to protecting your company’s confidential documents or personal information, you want them to be as secure as possible. With Fenton, Michigan secure document shredding, we understand the need for document security and offer a complete suite of shredding and recycling services to fit your business needs. We are experienced in the industry; we know what it takes to make sure you have the most appropriate security level- from disposal options to consultations. We’re proud to provide our commercial clients with a wide range of services that provide peace of mind.

Fenton, Michigan Compliance Training

Fenton, Michigan Compliance Training. If you are a hospital, nursing home, home health agency, dentist office, or other medical facility, OSHA compliance training is a must. Our Fenton, Michigan compliance training will teach you exactly what it takes to keep your employees safe and comply with OSHA regulations. For example, you’ll learn about the importance of following the bloodborne pathogens standard, how to prevent workplace violence in healthcare settings, and much more.

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Fenton About

Fenton is a city in the state of Michigan that lies mostly in Genesee County, with small portions in neighboring Oakland County and Livingston County.



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Fenton, Michigan Information

Numerous municipalities in Michigan span two counties, but Fenton is one of two municipalities in the state of Michigan to span three counties. The other being the capital city of Lansing. The overwhelming majority of Fenton is located within Genesee County, with a total area of 6.88 square miles, of which 6.56 square miles is land and 0.32 square miles is water. The Genesee County portion represents 98.29% of Fenton’s total area and 99.99% of its population. Of Fenton’s 11,747 residents, all but 10 residents live in Genesee County. The separate 10 residents live in the Livingston County portion of Fenton, which contains a land area of 0.11 square miles. A minuscule portion with no residents extends into Oakland County with a total land area of 0.01 square miles.