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Farmington Hills, Michigan Medical Waste Disposal

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Farmington Hills, MI Medical Waste Disposal

Farmington Hills, Michigan Medical Waste Disposal. Michigan Medical Waste is the preferred medical waste disposal company for Farmington Hills and surrounding communities. As professionals, we work with our clients to ensure compliance with all state and federal laws and act as consultants for best practices for the safety and security of their staff, customers and the environment. Contact one of our team members for a fast review and quote for your medical waste disposal needs.

Farmington Hills, Michigan Biohazard Waste Disposal

Farmington Hills, Michigan Biohazard Waste Disposal. Biohazard waste is any waste of a biological nature that contains or could contain infectious diseases. Compliance with state and federal guidelines for the handling, storage and destruction of biohazard waste keeps people and the environment safe. Michigan Medical Waste coordinates with our clients to ensure compliance and for complete destruction of biohazard waste.

Reliable, & Compliant, Cost-Effective Medical Waste Disposal

Farmington Hills, Michigan Sharps Disposal

Farmington Hills, Michigan Sharps Disposal. Injuries from sharps can be some of the deadliest it has the potential to transmit infectious diseases. Sharps are any device that has been or may have been exposed to transmittable diseases that can pierce the skin. Michigan Medical Waste helps to ensure the safety of our clients by supplying FDA-cleared sharps containers, advises on best practices, and coordinates for a convenient pickup schedule where the containers are taken to our facilities and the sharps are rendered harmless.

Farmington Hills, Michigan Document Destruction

Farmington Hills, Michigan Document Destruction. Due to the potential of information and data theft, there are guidelines regarding the destruction of documents that contain any personal and/or private data. Michigan Medical Waste is a professional company that specializes in document destruction for our clients. We supply cabinets that can be locked to house all documents when they have reached end of life and arrange a convenient pickup time to take them to our destruction facilities. Our drivers take full responsibility of the contents at the time of pick up and we supply our customers with proof of destruction.

Farmington Hills About

Farmington Hills has a total area of 33.31 square miles, of which 33.28 square miles is land and 0.03 square miles is water.



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Farmington Hills, Michigan Information

Farmington Hills is a city in Oakland County in Michigan. It has a population of 79,740. It is a northern suburb of Metro Detroit and is the second most-populated city in Oakland County after the city of Troy. Farmington Hills consistently ranks as one of the safest cities in the United States, as well as in the state of Michigan. The area ranked as the 30th safest city in the U.S in 2010 and as the 2nd safest city in Michigan in 2020. Farmington Hills also ranks as the 36th highest-income place in the United States with a population of 50,000 or more and ranks as 14th America’s best cities to live by 24/7 Wall St.