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Caro, Michigan Medical Waste Disposal

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Caro, Michigan Medical Waste Disposal

Caro, Michigan Medical Waste Disposal. In Caro, Michigan and the entire state of Michigan, there are specific regulations concerning medical waste, generators of medical waste, storage of medical waste and the ultimate treatment and disposal of said waste.

Below are just some of the requirements required by Caro, Michigan generators of medical waste as per the Michigan.gov website. You can see there is quite a bit to take in and understand. When it comes to medical waste disposal in Caro, Michigan it is often cost-effective in both time and services to use a professional medical waste disposal company.

It is best to have a partner that’s business is to know what to do when it comes to Caro, Michigan medical waste.

Reliable, & Compliant, Cost-Effective Medical Waste Disposal

A Caro, Michigan facility that produces medical waste but does not treat medical waste onsite shall:

(a) Package, contain, and locate medical waste in a manner that protects and prevents the medical waste from release at the producing facility or at any time before ultimate disposal.

(b) Separate the categories of medical waste at the point of origin into appropriate containers that are labeled as required under subdivision (c).

(c) Label the containers required under subdivision (b) with a biohazard symbol or the words “medical waste” or “pathological waste” in letters not less than 1 inch high.

(d) Not compact or mix medical waste with other waste materials before decontamination, incineration, and disposal.

(e) If decontaminated medical waste is mixed with other solid waste, clearly label the container to indicate that it contains decontaminated medical waste.

(f) Store medical waste in such a manner that prevents putrefaction and prevents infectious agents from coming in contact with the air or with individuals.

(g) If medical waste is stored outside of the producing facility, store the medical waste in a secured area or locked in a container that weighs more than 500 pounds and prevent access to the area of container by vermin or unauthorized individuals.

(h) Not store medical waste on the premises of the producing facility for more than 90 days.

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Caro About

Caro is a city in and the county seat of Tuscola County, Michigan. The population is 4,328. Caro is located northeast of Flint and east of Saginaw in Michigan’s Upper Thumb region.



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Caro, Michigan Information

Caro is in central Tuscola County, surrounded by Indianfields Township on its west, south, and east. Almer Township surrounds the northern part of the city. The Caro post office, with ZIP code 48723, also serves nearly all of Indianfields and Almer townships, as well as smaller portions of Wells Township to the east of Indianfields, Dayton Township to the southeast of Indianfields, Fremont Township to the south of Indianfields, Juniata Township to the west of Indianfields, Fairgrove Township to the northwest of Indianfields, Columbia Township, to the north of Almer, Elmwood Township to the northeast of Almer, and Ellington Township to the east of Almer.