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Benton Heights, Michigan Medical Waste Disposal: What is Right for Your Business

Benton Heights, Michigan medical waste disposal is a service that is offered by many companies. These services differ in their pricing and offer different levels of service. However, it can be difficult to determine what medical waste disposal service is right for your business. There are many factors to consider, such as the size of your establishment, the types of waste you produce, and how often you need to dispose of medical waste. We will go over the basics of medical waste disposal services so that you can decide what medical waste management is right for your business!

What is Benton Heights, Michigan Medical Waste?

Benton Heights, Michigan Medical waste is waste that that may be contaminated by blood, body fluids or other potentially infectious materials and is often referred to as regulated medical waste, or biohazardous waste. 

Some examples include, waste contaminated with blood and other bodily fluids (e.g., from discarded diagnostic samples), cultures and stocks of infectious agents from laboratory work (e.g., waste from autopsies and infected animals from laboratories), or waste from patients with infections (e.g., swabs, bandages, and disposable medical devices), syringes, needles, disposable scalpels, and blades, etc.

It’s important to segregate and dispose of Benton Heights, Michigan medical waste appropriately to prevent the spread of infectious diseases and contamination.

Reliable, & Compliant, Cost-Effective Medical Waste Disposal

Benton Heights, Michigan Medical Waste Disposal Services

The term medical waste disposal refers broadly to the management of wastes generated by medical facilities, such as hospitals and clinics. Medical waste is any type of waste contaminated by blood, body fluids or other potentially infectious materials.

Medical waste disposal businesses include the collection and transportation of medical waste to a treatment plant where it is treated and then disposed of accordingly.

There are three basic types of medical waste disposal companies we will go over each one below.


A hauler is a medical waste company that hauls medical waste from your facility to another facility that destroys the waste. A lot of companies in the medical waste industry are haulers. They do not treat the waste or sometimes even store the waste. They simply pick it up from you and take it to another company to destroy. The process gets done but you still have two companies, making money from your one bill. The hauler and the processing plant.

To determine if you are speaking with a medical waste hauler, ask them this question. Does your company own the facility that treats the medical waste, or do you take it to another company for treatment?


They have little control over the individual drivers that walk in your office, the training the drivers take, background checks of those drivers or the safety of the trucks and equipment that haul your waste. The way they make their money is by charging you more than a local hauler will charge them.

When you do not control the routes or drivers you can see where customer service could become an issue working with a broker.

Another obvious is, now you have two companies making profits from your one bill. Why not just work with the one company that actually services your account?

Ask these two questions to see if you are speaking with a broker. Do you directly employ the drivers on a W2 that walk into my office? Is it your company name that will be on the trucks, drivers’ shirts, hats, etc. that will haul my waste?

In most cases when working with a broker, the broker company you sign the contract with, will not service your account, it will be another medical waste company.

Benton Heights, Michigan Medical Waste Management Company

This type of company has invested the most in their business to take care of your business. They have identified the process points and built infrastructure around those points to take care of your service.

They directly hire and train the drivers, they buy and equip the trucks to safely haul your medical waste, they control the routes to be cost-effective and ecofriendly, they own processing plants that treat your Benton Heights, Michigan medical waste. They can do it all from start to finish because they invested in you, the customer.

To determine if you are speaking with a true medical waste management company ask these three questions. Is it your direct W2 employees that will pick up my waste? Does your company own the trucks that will haul my waste? Does your company own the processing plants that will destroy my waste?

Benton Heights About

Benton Heights was formerly called “Euclid Center”; the present name was adopted in 1957. The CDP has a total area of 3.9 square miles.



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Benton Heights, Michigan Information

Benton Heights is an unincorporated community in Berrien County in the state of Michigan. It is also a census-designated place (CDP) for statistical purposes without any legal status as an incorporated municipality. The population is 4,084. The community is a part of Benton Charter Township and is adjacent to the city of Benton Harbor.