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Bad Axe, Michigan Medical Waste Disposal

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Bad Axe, Michigan Medical Waste Disposal

Medical waste disposal in Bad Axe, Michigan. From infectious waste to sharps, it’s imperative to dispose of medical waste properly. The risk of infection and injury from improper handling or storage of medical waste is great. In Michigan, there are specific laws and regulations that cover everything concerning medical waste from generators, handling, storage, transportation, and treatment/disposal processes. If you are looking for Bad Axe, Michigan medical waste disposal services, we’re here to help you find the best service for your needs!

Bad Axe, Michigan Medical Waste Definition

The Michigan Medical Waste Regulatory Act (MWRA) defines specifically what is considered to be medical waste and subject to the regulations and rules. These include the below waste items when generated, stored, treated, or disposed of.

Reliable, & Compliant, Cost-Effective Medical Waste Disposal

Bad Axe, Michigan Producing Facility Responsibility

If you work in a facility that produces medical waste – whether it be a hospital, clinic, nursing home, or tattoo shop – you are required to register your facility with the Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy Agency.

Regardless of the volume of waste or frequency at which the waste is collected, there are no exemptions contained in the MWRA that would allow for a producing facility to waive obtaining a registration and following all other requirements and rules in the MWRA.

For example, a facility location that is generating, storing, decontaminating, or disposing of medical waste in any capacity is required to register the physical location of the producing facility, even if it only generates a very small volume of medical waste. If you independently own multiple facilities, you must obtain a registration for each facility that is a producer and subject to the MWRA rules and regulations if not located on contiguous property or at the same physical location. Funeral homes are required to register each location licensed as such, regardless of whether they generate medical waste per the Michigan Occupational Code.

In addition to maintaining a current medical waste producing facility certificate of registration on file, you must also develop a site-specific Medical Waste Management Plan that reflects current operational practices, shipping records and/or decontamination and disposal documentation to verify that your medical waste is being handled, stored, decontaminated, and disposed of properly in accordance with the regulations, as well as evidence in the form of electronic or paper records indicating employee training has occurred on how medical waste is handled, packaged, segregated, and stored at the producing facility.

Medical Waste Management Plan

A Medical Waste Management Plan, which is completed and kept on file at each registered facility, contains information relating to the handling of all medical waste generated, stored, decontaminated, or incinerated at each location, or transported from the producing facility for handling by another facility prior to disposal. See Section 13817 of the MWRA for specific requirements. A sample Medical Waste Management Plan is available on the MWRP Web site at www.michigan.gov/deqmedwaste.


If your business generates Bad Axe, Michigan medical waste, it is best to use an experienced medical waste disposal service, we can help guide you through the laws and regulations your facility must follow. Producing, handling, and storing your medical waste should not take away from your business, leave the medical waste to us so you can focus on running your practice, or your business. Call Us Today!

Bad Axe About

Bad Axe is a city in the U.S. state of Michigan and the county seat of Huron County in the Thumb region of the Lower Peninsula. The population is 3,129, making it the largest community in Huron County and second largest in the Upper Thumb, after Caro.



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Bad Axe, Michigan Information

The city was established in 1905. The city’s unusual name dates to the time of its settlement. While surveying the first state road through the Huron County wilderness in 1861, Rudolph Papst and George Willis Pack made camp at the future site of the city and found a much used and badly damaged axe. At Pack’s suggestion, Papst used the name “Bad Axe Camp” in the minutes of the survey and on a sign, he placed along the main trail. The first post office in Bad Axe was established in 1870.